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Affordable USCIS Certified Translation Services by Native Translators

We offer USCIS certified translation services by specialized immigration translation professionals in over 100 languages. Our translators are professionally qualified to deliver certified translations with high accuracy. Certification is critical to pass the immigration hassle, and we understand this better than anyone.

We have helped thousands of clients in clearing the immigration process without any hindrance with our professional services.

A translator certifying a client record

It is a dream for many to immigrate to the USA for work, education, business, and many other purposes. Though moving to a new country is exciting, the immigration formalities can be overwhelming, especially in the US. Applicants are required to submit several records like birth certificate, bank statement, medical records, etc. All the instruments are required to be translated into English.

The USCIS document translation also needs a certification of authenticity to be accepted by the USCIS. We have ATA-certified translators in our team, who can offer you a valid certificate of authenticity to ensure that your immigration process is a smooth one.

Get translations within 24 hours.

Get USCIS Translation Services with Guaranteed Acceptance

If you are looking for certified translation services for USCIS, it is essential to hire the services of a professional certified translator or a qualified agency. Foreign records cannot be translated by individuals, as they are not rightly qualified for the task. The USCIS does not accept records translated by individuals on their own for immigration purposes.

Alltime Translate is a professional agency, offering USCIS acceptance guarantee for immigration documents.

Passport certification for USCIS

We have trained and experienced translators who are best suited for translating all your documents for submitting to the USCIS. You can trust our translators, as they cope up excellently with technical solutions for immigration.

We take pride in translating accurate and professional documents which are surely accepted by the USCIS. Our team has helped clients in smoothly sailing through the immigration process with their excellent services.

Since immigration is a complex procedure, the USCIS rejects several applications every year due to non-compliance with the requirement. We translate all your requirements in compliance with the standards of the USCIS. Thus, you can be confident that your submission will be accepted.

If you want professional translators to translate for you into English or any other language, you can hire our services.

Know Which USCIS Documents Need Certified Translation?

If you are applying for immigration for the very first time, you may be confused about which documents are required to be translated. Since Alltime Translate has been fulfilling the immigration requirements of clients for many years, we can guide you correctly in complying with the requirements of USCIS.

Following are the records that the USCIS requires individuals to submit:

Translator working for USCIS requirement

✓ Birth Certificate - A birth certificate is a primary identity record required by the USCIS. It has all the vital information about the individual, confirming his identity. It is therefore crucial to have a word-to-word translation of the birth certificate from the original language. Even a tiny error can cause hindrance in the approval verdict.

✓ Academic Proofs - Translating educational certificates is a primary requirement if you are a student wanting to immigrate for higher studies. If you want certified immigration translation services USCIS, we can be the right partner for you.

✓ Marital status record - The USCIS requires applicants to provide details about their marital status, whether married, divorced, or single.

✓ Job Certification - USCIS wants your previous job details even if you had only one in your career. Whether you held a permanent position in a company or a temporary/part time, you must provide the details to USCIS for immigration.

✓ Death Certificate - If you are moving with your family, USCIS will require information about each member, even if they have passed away. So, if any of your family members have passed away, you must submit a death record for the USCIS to refer. You can obtain the official information and get it translated by a professional agency like ours.

Some other records that are required by USCIS include vaccination certificate, passport, driver's license, financial statement, bank records, criminal records, apostilles, etc.

All the translated documents for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services must also have a certificate of accuracy signed by the linguistic expert. A certificate of translation consists of the names of the translators and must follow the federal regulations. Your application will be accepted by the USCIS only when it is accompanied by the certificate.

We offer certified and notarized translation for all official purposes. We promise to handle all your information without any security loops to ensure all your personal details are protected.

Order your immigration or visa requirements today with us for guaranteed acceptance.

Why Choose Us for Professional USCIS Services in the USA?

Obtaining US visa can be a daunting task for many. If you want to assured acceptance by the USCIS we can help you with high-quality and accurate USCIS certified translations. You can bring to us all your immigration requirements in any language and our translator will translate them into English.

We follow the best practices and employ only humans to translate USCIS documents to ensure quality results consistently.

Translator working on document for USCIS

Our translators are native speakers and have translated from more than 100 languages. We can get your requirements translated from Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Italian, etc. Working with us guarantees that your application will not be rejected as it is crafted by experienced and certified translators who have expert knowledge of the source and target language.

We offer USCIS certified translation services online with full responsibility of accuracy, timeliness, and validity. Our translators understand the terminologies and can efficiently adapt your text to the guidelines set by USCIS.

If you require USCIS certified document translation services in English, we are available 24/7 to serve you with professional translation services. You can visit our website to place an order and we shall get started on your project immediately.


1.Does USCIS require certified translations? Where to get a certified services for USCIS?

Yes, for an application to be accepted by the USCIS, it must be in English. There is also a mandatory requirement for USCIS translation certification to be attested by a qualified translator for immigration purposes. You can hire the services of a reputed agency like Alltime Translate for error-free results. We offer high-quality and accurate linguistic solutions and translate all your requirements quickly.

2.Do you offer notarized document translation? Is it required by USCIS?

Yes, Alltime Translate offers notarization services for all official purposes. We have qualified translators with professional backgrounds to provide notarization services at affordable prices. Not all documents require notarization by the USCIS as was the case previously. You need to notarize only those records which are specified.

3.Does USCIS accept online translation ? How do you protect my data online?

Online translations done by Google and other software may not be accurate. Hence, they may be rejected by USCIS. However, if you hire the services of professional and expert company like Alltime Translate, we can assure 100% acceptance by USCIS. To protect online information of clients

we deploy all the required measures to protect any data from getting leaked. For instance, we have SSL encryption for all our software. Additionally, we also sign NDAs with our translators to keep your data safe and secure.

4.What is the cost of a USCIS Certified Translation?

The cost of USCIS certification varies from one place to another. It also depends on the complexity of the order, volume of documents etc. At Alltime Translate, we offer best services at most affordable prices to our clients. You can hire us and get lingual solutions at low costs.

5.Where to get certified translation of birth certificate for USCIS?

You can hire the services of professional agencies offering linguistic solutions for diversified client needs. Alltime Translate is lingual solution company offering certified services for USCIS. We translate all your records from foreign language into English for USCIS, including birth certificates, bank records, passports, etc.

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