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Birth Certificate Translation Services in over 100 Languages

Are you looking for a perfect birth certificate translation solution for immigration or other official purposes?

You have reached the right door!!!!

Alltime Translate is a reputed birth certificate translation service company with more than 15 years of providing certified birth certificate translation services in over 100 languages by native languages experts.

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Whether you need a driving license, admission into schools/colleges, immigration, social security card, or any other official purpose, we know how exactly your birth certificate must be translated. Our certified birth certificates are accepted by the USCIS and other organizations/institutions across the globe.

Get in touch now for accurate and affordable translations in less than 24 hours. We provide rush and super rush translations for your urgent requirements.

Certified Birth Certificate Translation for Different Needs

Since the birth certificate is a legal document for official purposes, you are mostly required to submit a certified translation of your birth certificate. Most organizations, institutions, and the USCIS accepts only certified birth certificate translations by a reputed translation agency. At times, they are particular about getting your document translated by ATA-certified translators.

We have a team of ATA-certified translators experienced in transiting birth certificates in over 100 languages. Our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS. We know precisely how translations should be done for certain organizations, institutions, and governments worldwide.

Get certified translation of a birth certificate by expert native translators.

➣ Our native legal translators have fantastic language skills, apart from the subject expertise. Our translators have delivered translation services for legal documents for years. They have developed a profound understanding of legal terms and jargon, document types, formats, purposes, and other related details.

➣ We deliver legal translations in more than 100 languages, including some of the sparsely-spoken ones.

➣ We charge you only for our translation service when you request a certified legal translation. Certification is free of cost. Notarization, however, will cost you extra based on the number of pages that need notary attestation.

➣ We offer additional facilities to our business customers. They get to work with a dedicated account manager. Discounts and flexible credit limits are also part of the deal.

➣ We accept input files in all standard file formats. We can deliver translations in custom file formats based on your request.

➣ We provide free non-obligatory quotes, free trials, and free samples for you to verify the quality of our service before you place your request.

We urge you opt for our legal translation offerings to experience our service levels firsthand.

USCIS Birth Certificate Translation Service for Immigration

Alltime Translate provides accurate and on-time USCIS birth certificate translation services. We have a team of ATA-certified translators experienced in birth certificate translations. Our team understands how you need to produce your immigration documents to the USCIS. We ensure that your USCIS application gets accepted.

If the translation of your birth certificate and other immigration documents is not done well, your application will get rejected. USCIS accepts only certified birth certificate translation by a reputed service provider such as ours. You can also count on us for notarized translations. Accuracy and on-time delivery are our prime motives, and we ensure that your documents are translated & certified to perfection.

When Do You Need a Birth Certificate Translation in the US?

Alltime Translate is an online translation company providing professional birth certificate translation services in the US and other countries. We have a pool of 1000+ native translators catering to more than 100 languages and dialects. You need to submit translated birth certificates for various purposes, such as:

✓ Government Submissions

✓ Immigration Purposes (USCIS)

✓ Corporate Onboarding

✓ Legal Purposes

✓ University Applications

✓ Obtaining Social Security Card

✓ Getting a Driving License

✓ Applying for Passport

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Multilingual Birth Certificate Translation in Any Language

Alltime Translate is one such agency with a vast pool of native translators hired purely based on their language skills and expertise. We provide birth certificate translations in some of the rarest languages & dialects spoken in different parts of the globe. We provide rush and super rush services in some of the major languages, such as:

  • ➣ Spanish
  • ➣ French
  • ➣ Italian
  • ➣ German
  • ➣ Russian
  • ➣ Dutch
  • ➣ Korean
  • ➣ Tagalog
  • ➣ Arabic
  • ➣ Japanese
  • ➣ Mandarin
  • ➣ Cantonese and more.

Even if you have a birth certificate in a complicated language such as Arabic or Japanese, we have the right talent to provide flawless translations. We provide rush and super rush services to ensure delivery of your birth certificates in less than 24 hours. And do not worry about the confidentiality of your document as we sign an NDA for your peace of mind.

Get to work with a professional translator from our team and discuss your minute queries. Whether it is translation services for birth certificate for USCIS or any other legal purpose, Alltime Translate is the best birth certificate translation company.


1. Where can I find the best birth certificate translation services near me?

Alltime Translate is the most professional online certified translation agency providing services in over 100 languages by native language experts at the most affordable prices in the industry. Get in touch for a free quote.

2. Will a translation agency charge me for certified translations?

No. Alltime Translate is a translation service provider that does not charge for certified translations. Be it a birth certificate, passport or any other legal document, we certify them for free.

3. Do you provide USCIS certified translations for birth certificates?

Yes. We provide USCIS certified translations for birth certificates and other immigration documents that are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

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