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Certified Translation Services
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Effective Certified Translation

Effective Certified Translation Services - Reliable and Affordable

Hire top experts across all major world languages at Alltime Translate. We provide translation services to a wide range of diverse businesses. Every translator we hire excels both in speech and writing. We take pleasure in providing precise and efficient outputs for our clients.

We provide some of the lowest translation rates in the industry and also certify your translations at no added cost! So contact us for a FREE quote now!

Our certified translation services will collaborate with your business to give you the required solutions. Our organization is helping businesses, hospitals, and legal offices throughout the country improve their communication by providing high quality translations of their content.

We have already been breaking cultural barriers and offering our customers certified translation services online that best fit their needs.

Certified Document Translation Services - Hire Our Experts

The key to translation is that the text must be translated word-for-word, while maintaining the context of the content. No content should be added, deleted, or explained further. For a simple document like a marriage certificate, this process is simple. However, when translating papers with elaborate sentences, the linguist must be careful not to misrepresent the language

Our network of expert translators has expertise in translating practically every type of document you require. The list of documents we translate for you is as follows.

ID Cards
Birth Certificates
Divorce Decrees
Tax Returns
Death Certificate
Medical Records
Academic Transcripts
Marriage Certificates

Certified Translation Company - Guaranteed Accuracy

A certified translation guarantees the accuracy of the text. Agencies like the USCIS have increased their vigilance about fake or incorrect documents as a result of fraud.

Clients can employ Alltime Translate for getting certified translations with guaranteed acceptance at organizations like USCIS.

When an organization wants a translation verified as thorough and exact, a certificate of authenticity is issued.

This is an administrative process for organizations like USCIS, educational institutions, the court system, and many municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Some of our other certified translation services are online certified translation services and certified Spanish translation services.

Certified Translation Company
Notarized Translation Services

Notarized Translation Services Available Around-the-Clock

A certified translation agency will be able to provide you with notarized translations when required.

Notaries and qualified translators are readily available around-the-clock to support you. We can deliver certified translations that with 99% accuracy, delivered on-time.

Additionally, every industry is covered by our experienced, accredited translators. Regardless of the type of document you want notarized, our team of experts can translate it using the appropriate terms.

Our Clients
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USCIS Certified Translation Services - 100% Acceptance

The federal agency overseeing the immigration and citizenship procedures in the United States is known as USCIS, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some documents are commonly submitted to USCIS, such as a birth certificate. However, based on the type of application, specific documents may be needed.

Documents in another language are to be sent for USCIS translation before applying for immigration.

The translation is only accepted as authentic and authorized by USCIS once a qualified professional translator has completed it. The translated document must be signed and certified by the agency to verify that it has been thoroughly and accurately translated.

USCIS Certified Translation Services
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Services Offered for Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Diploma/Degree Certificate, Passport, Resume, Driving License and more.
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Audio and Video
ATA Certified Translation Services

ATA Certified Translation Services - Pool of Experts

ATA certified translators are the best language experts you need if you value your clients and are dedicated to excellence. An inaccurate translation may result in you having to face damage to your reputation.

Hiring a skilled language service is crucial, and an ATA member can guarantee quality. We are an ATA member and have a number of ATA-certified translators in our team.

Members of the ATA are expected to maintain their professional development and conform to particular regulated standards. If you choose an ATA representative, you may be confident that you're employing the finest in the industry.

Contact us to get your documents translated and certified ASAP!

Professional Certified Translation Services for All Needs

It is no secret that when Google shows results to your searches for certified translation services near me or certified document translation services near me, you will always find Alltime Translate ranked highest.

Our certified translation services are tailored for individuals wishing to find jobs or education opportunities, overseas or locally.

By translating your certifications, reports, curriculum summaries, qualifications, resumes, and letters of reference, we can assist you with the application procedure.

Our certifications are completely free of cost! So get started with your certified translation NOW!

Professional Certified Translation Services
Frequently Asked Question?
Can my documents be certified by any individual?
The translator or service provider must be a qualified member of the ATA. It serves as evidence that a person accurately translated the documentation.
Can I provide special notes concerning the translation?
Yes, it will be considered during early discussions before the commencement of translation.
How can I be informed about your company policies and practices?
All visitors to our website are urged by our business to find out more about the products and procedures we offer.
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