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Engage Global Students With Trusted E-Learning Translation Services

Alltime Translate provides accurate e-learning translation services to clients worldwide in over 100 languages. We deliver our elearning localization and translation solutions to leading multinational companies in the world. Our fast and affordable translation services help in training international partners, employees, and customers in different languages.

elearning is considered to be effective when provided in the native language of the learners. The increase in business expansion beyond geographical boundaries requires elearning translation services. Translation allows companies to deliver training to their global audience in the culture and language they are familiar with.

A student is making notes while taking online classes

We have years of experience in providing translation and localization solutions. We help companies translate their training content into the language of their preference. We meet the specific training needs of diverse companies on time and within their set budget.

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End-to-End eLearning Localization Services from Experts

Alltime Translate has skilled, certified, and experienced translators in the team. Our translators aim to deliver high-quality translation solutions for your e-Learning content. We localize your eLearning content to help you with international human resource training.

Whether you are in the manufacturing, medical, IT, or finance industry, we can ensure that your online learning is translated right. We provide translations of diverse L&D programs and elearning courses with a focus on accuracy. We can translate training materials, self-teaching videos, learning tutorials, and how-to guides.

A team of translators smiling while working on the laptop

The deep knowledge and expertise of our translators enables us to provide reliable multilingual elearning translation services. We ensure delivering the best learning experience to your international employees.

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Professional eLearning Video Translation and Localization

Learning professionals across the globe consider videos to be more effective in training. The storytelling and demonstrative capabilities of videos make them popular for educating employees. Therefore, the demand for online videos in corporate training is increasing.

If you do not have time to localize your elearning video content, you will require professional video translation solutions. Our professional translators at Alltime Translate understand the nuances of eLearning video localization. Just tell us your target language, and we will simplify the entire localization process for you.

A woman attending translated online classes

We aim to streamline the elearning video translations and ensure the best results. We make sure to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences to your employees. We deliver top-quality video training translation services.

High-Quality Translations of Distance Learning Courses

The online education market is growing at a rapid pace. Generation Z individuals prefer distance learning courses. Without having to go anywhere, distance courses allow learners to complete courses in the comfort of their homes.

Therefore, the demand for distance learning is on the rise. It creates lucrative opportunities for elearning businesses and educational institutions developing online courses for students and distance learners. However, elearning translation is essential to increase the accessibility of the courses.

A professor teaching online classes with translated content

We at Alltime Translate provide genuine translation solutions for distance learning courses. The linguistic expertise of our professional translators allows us to deliver accurate solutions. We ensure the optimum success of global eLearning programs.

Choose Mobile Translations for Increased Convenience

Mobile devices are convenient and fast. That is why they are ideal for corporate learning. In the modern era, corporate training programs support m-learning or mobile learning.

We provide accurate mlearning translation services to our clients. We understand the comfort and convenience the mobile devices offer the users. We are familiar with the working of mlearning and provide reliable mobile translation solutions.

Young students discussing a translated online course

Efficient and On-Demand eLearning Translation Solutions

Translating elearning content in fast turnaround times is the need of the hour. However, in many cases, clients have to wait for several days to get their translation work completed. In today’s digital era, eLearning translation can be done at great speed.

We make use of agile techniques to deliver fast and effective translation solutions to our clients. We do not compromise the translation quality in any manner while delivering projects quickly. We provide you the option to choose between our rush and super rush translation services.

A child attending localized online classes

Opt for Our eLearning Translation in 100 Languages

Global companies consist of employees who speak and understand different languages. Multilingual translation of elearning materials is important for easy understanding of all employees. It helps in improving the productivity of employees and the overall organization.

We provide professional multilingual e-learning localization services in over 100 languages. Alltime Translate has skilled native translators with expertise in different target languages. We deliver solutions to meet the exact needs of our clients.

Two young translators in discussion

We localize all kinds of eLearning materials and videos with speed. We can provide you with high-quality translation services of your content in multiple languages such as:

  • ➣ German
  • ➣ Vietnamese
  • ➣ Spanish
  • ➣ Russian
  • ➣ Japanese
  • ➣ French
  • ➣ Italian
  • ➣ Portuguese
  • ➣ Arabic and many more

We Support Major eLearning Tools of Global Companies

We are capable of working with the widely used elearning authoring tools. It includes tools like Captivate, Articulate, H5P, Elucidat, and PowerPoint. Our experts can translate your exported text and provide translated content.

We can also work directly with native authoring files to deliver an end-to-end localization solution. We provide you with competitive solutions at affordable costs.

Certified eLearning Translation Services You Can Trust

We provide certified e-learning translation services to all our clients. Our certified translators provide certified translation services for official use. We ensure the consistent delivery of accurate translation services.

Our professional elearning translators know the different terms of elearning content. We translate your content with attention to every detail and ensure the satisfaction of our global clients. Our online translation ensures quality gains and productivity for your company.

A professional translator looking at the camera while working on the laptop

Our competitive pricing is the main reason for the growing demand for our translation and localization services. We make our solutions available to companies of all sizes delivering training programs to their employees.

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1. What is eLearning localization?

eLearning content localization services refer to the process of translating content into a different language and aligning it to the specific cultural context. It increases the accessibility of educational content and meets high standards of cross-cultural communication. We provide both localization and translation services.

2. How can I translate an online course?

Native translators can help you translate your online courses in an accurate manner. Alltime Translate is a popular translation agency that delivers top-quality professional e-Learning translations to companies across the globe. Contact our support team and we will translate your course as per your specifications.

3. How much does it cost to hire eLearning translation services?

The translation cost of e-Learning content varies. It depends on the type of eLearning material, the target language, and the complexity level. We provide exceptional eLearning translation services starting at unmatched rates. Contact us for a free consultation.

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