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Top Quality Offered at the Most Affordable Translation Services Rates

At Alltime Translate, we provide translations of documents in more than 100 different languages. Our native translators make sure that you receive the best translation services rates in the industry. We cover a range of domains with the help of our subject matter experts who make sure your content is translated without any loss of meaning.

Why Hire Professional Agencies For Document Translation?

A pile of documents stacked on a table

Language forms the basis of communication. It is the most essential aspect of any business transaction, personal relationship, or official submission. When a person moves from one part of the globe to another, the biggest challenge they face is to communicate and convey their thoughts in the language spoken at their destination.

This includes personal documents such as birth certificates, official documents such as college certificates, and business documents such as company memoranda. Having these documents translated is not a simple task. An amateur translator will not be able to translate accurately and adequately enough to be accepted by any official organization.

Quality Output at Reasonable Rates for Translation Services

Very often, customers have to suffer the consequences of low-quality translations if they choose a company with low translation rates. The low cost immediately implies that the quality is going to suffer. This is the aspect in which our translation agency, Alltime Translate, differs greatly,

We guarantee top quality with high standards with low document translation service rates.

A pile of documents stacked on a table

With our organization, you need not feel like the quality of your translation will be compromised simply because our translation services rates per page are low.

Our agency makes sure it maintains high quality by following some basic ground rules:

Only native translators hired: At our agency, you will only find translators who are native speakers of the language. We believe that this makes our team uniquely qualified to provide contextually and culturally accurate translations.

Strict quality control process: We follow a tried and tested QA protocol wherein our translators convert your document, proofreaders check for errors and subject matter experts verify the technical accuracy of the document.

Confidentiality assured: We make sure that your documents are never accessed by any individuals other than those working directly on your project. We also sign non-disclosure agreements to further guarantee security.

By following our ethical and business standards for over a decade, we have become a trusted brand for professionals around the world. Our translation service rates per word are incomparable for the kind of quality we provide for our customers.

To get started with our services, simply connect with our 24/7 customer support team.

Types of Document Translation Services We Can Offer

At Alltime Translate, we provide a wide range of translation services for all our clients. Our translation services include several domains and business verticals. These services are supported by a team of subject matter experts who make sure that the right technical jargon is used in the translated documents.

Here are some of the documents we translate for our clients on a daily basis:

A translator signing a legal document after translation

Legal Translations: Depositions, interviews, witness statements, interrogations, court proceedings, agreements and contracts, patents and IP documents, etc.

Academic Translations: Research papers, theses, curriculum, academic transcripts, diplomas and degree certificates, etc.

Financial Translations: Financial statements, balance sheets, audit reports, financial disclosures, insurance reports, quarterly and annual reports, etc.

Marketing Translations: Questionnaires, leaflets and brochures, catalogues, coffee table booklets, focus group summaries, advertisements, etc.

Personal Translations: Birth certificates and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, drivers' licenses, visas and passports, etc.

Certified Translation Services at Affordable Prices

Often, legal and academic documents need to be certified by the translating agency to assure that it has been completed accurately and thoroughly. These certifications help receiving entities to verify the authenticity of the translation.

Immigration checks are quite exhaustive and require the submission of certified translations of personal documents such as work permits, college certificates, etc.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the sole organization responsible for issuing visas and residence permits for immigrants. It mandates submissions of certified translations of documents whenever someone is applying for a visa.

At Alltime Translate, we have a record of 100% USCIS acceptance. This means that all our certified translations are always accepted by USCIS without any hassles.

All this and much more is provided at reasonable document translation services rates by our translating agency. In fact, our legal translation service rates are among the most affordable in the country.

To get started, contact us right away! Our team is available 24/7 for your support.

1. What is the cost of translating a PDF document?

Our cost of translation for any document is very low. The exact price depends on the number of words in it, the complexity of the source and target languages, etc. Contact us for a free quote.

2. How long will you take to translate 1000 words?

Based on the source and target languages, our timelines may vary. However, we do offer rush and super-rush services for clients who have extremely urgent needs at a nominal cost.

3. When do I need a certified translation?

A certified translation is required for legal, academic, and immigration purposes. However, it is possible that any organization requests for certified translations from applicants so as to check the authenticity of the document.

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