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Highly Professional Medical Translation Services By Experts

If you are looking for reliable translators for medical translation services, you have landed at the right destination.

AllTime Translate has a team of native translators with expertise in medical terminology and experience in medical translations. We provide the most accurate medical translations. Timely delivery, completeness, accuracy, and compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements are guaranteed.

Get quick & affordable certified translations in over 100 languages.

Best Quality Medical Document Translation Services

Our native translators deliver the best medical documents translation services. We also provide certified medical document translation services. Our translators are ATA-certified. All translated documents are signed by our translators for completeness and accuracy. Our certified translations are accepted worldwide by all authorities, including the USCIS. We can handle translations of all kinds of documents across a broad spectrum.

Translation for medical industry

Medical translations refer to the translation of documents pertaining to industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals products, biotechnology, clinical trials, medical devices, hospital documents, and medical reports. These documents contain medical terminology that is challenging to understand and translate without knowing anything about the medical field.

We understand that inaccurate medical translations could affect patient safety. We, therefore, assign medical translations to native translators who are linguistic experts in both languages and at the level of expertise required for accurate medical translations.

Imagine the consequence of inaccurate translations of user manuals and user guides for medical devices. It not only leads to confusion but also puts patient safety at risk. Our language specialists have the subject matter expertise required for translating medical documents with complete accuracy.

So, if you are looking for a trustable medical translation agency, contact AllTime Translate for its impeccable services.

A doctor writing a prescription

Expert Medical Translation Services For All Documents

Our native translators can handle simple and complex medical translations with the required expertise. Manufacturers of medical equipment and surgical devices, clinical research organizations, biotech companies, and healthcare managers trust our medical translation services. We have linguists with training in different branches of medicine, including, biochemistry, biotechnology, healthcare, pharmacology, toxicology etc.

Trust our human resources to provide top-notch medical translations of:

A professional translator translating medical documents
  • ✓ Informed consent forms
  • ✓ Physician manuals
  • ✓ Autopsy reports
  • ✓ Drug study labels
  • ✓ Drug inserts
  • ✓ User manuals for medical devices
  • ✓ Patent applications
  • ✓ Test procedures
  • ✓ Case report forms
  • ✓ Clinical trials
  • ✓ Company newsletters
  • ✓ Documents required for production etc.
  • ✓ Datasheets
  • ✓ Clinical protocols
  • ✓ User guides for medical software
  • ✓ Patient reports
  • ✓ The instruction manual of medical devices
  • ✓ Website content

Moreover, no language translation is complex for our language experts. We offer medical translation services in most European and Asian languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, etc. We also offer localization services for software, apps, and medical devices.

Translating Medical Documents in Quick Turnaround Time

We give emphasis to terminology management. The guidelines for the use of medical terminology across different languages help ensure accuracy and consistency. While translating medical documents from one language to another, it is possible that a particular medical term does not exist as a single word in the other language.

However, translators must translate all terms to ensure accuracy in conveying the specific message as in the original document. Terminology management helps translators avoid undue errors in translating critical medical words. Our medical translations are quick and flawless. You can opt for our rush & super rush services and get your translated document within 24 hours.

Medical device translation for manufacturers

Medical Device Translation Services - 99% Accuracy

The manufacturing of medical devices has facilitated the field of medicine significantly. Our translators accurately translate documents related to the manufacturing of medical devices to ensure product consistency across all manufacturing centers worldwide.

We coordinate with the engineers and ensure conveying the desired meaning in the original text to the translated text.

Medical Video Translation Services With Excellence

Accurate translation of a video from a doctor from one corner of the world to a patient in another corner of the world helps enhance doctor-patient communication. Our native translators translate medical videos with complete accuracy.

Choose us for accurate translation services.

Get an instant quote now!

A doctor recording a video for his patient

Top Reasons To Choose Our Services - Our Key Features

✓ Fast turnaround

✓ 99% accuracy

✓ Native translators

✓ Cost-effective prices

✓ Over 100 languages

✓ 24/7 customer support

✓ Medical translators

Our certified medical translation services comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to ensure the security of all health information contained in the medical documents. We also provide medical certificate translation services for immigration. Our hospital translation services are well-known for accuracy among our clients. We also offer online medical translation services by native translators.

Choose our impeccable medical translation services. Client satisfaction and timely delivery are guaranteed.


1. How much do medical translation services cost?

Our prices are competitive. The translation rates vary according to the document's length, language, and complexity.

2. What is medical video translation?

Medical video translation requires language, audio, and video experts to translate video content in a way suitable for multilingual audiences.

3. What is the medical translation procedure?

You can upload your medical document and get an instant quote. Once you agree, our native translators will proceed with the translations and deliver them within the specified time.

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