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Affordable Legal Translation Services by Accredited Translators

We at Alltime Translate, backed by a vast network of certified translators, offer industry-leading professional legal translation services at competitive rates. Legal translation services become necessary when pursuing legal/business matters on foreign soil. Business houses, international companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals caught up in litigations filed overseas are likely to need help with legal translations.

Legal documents must be in the native language to be accepted by the concerned authorities. The translation must be meaningful and complete to be of any use. Our accredited language specialists are fully aware of the significance of legal documents and the need for complete translations. Read on to know more about our offerings.

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Our Legal Translation Services – What Can You Expect?

Let's suppose you are looking for professional legal translation services. You can expect us to deliver top-notch translations that meet international standards as:

➣ Our quality criteria and processes are ISO-certified. We bring you 100% human translations that are 98% accurate and perfectly match the original document.

➣ The content/details you entrust with us are confidential and safe. Our digital infrastructure is secure and maintained as per ISO 27001 standards. Only permitted staff can access sensitive project information. We also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with you to assure you of our trustworthiness.

➣ Our native legal translators have fantastic language skills, apart from the subject expertise. Our translators have delivered translation services for legal documents for years. They have developed a profound understanding of legal terms and jargon, document types, formats, purposes, and other related details.

➣ We deliver legal translations in more than 100 languages, including some of the sparsely-spoken ones.

➣ We charge you only for our translation service when you request a certified legal translation. Certification is free of cost. Notarization, however, will cost you extra based on the number of pages that need notary attestation.

➣ We offer additional facilities to our business customers. They get to work with a dedicated account manager. Discounts and flexible credit limits are also part of the deal.

➣ We accept input files in all standard file formats. We can deliver translations in custom file formats based on your request.

➣ We provide free non-obligatory quotes, free trials, and free samples for you to verify the quality of our service before you place your request.

We urge you opt for our legal translation offerings to experience our service levels firsthand.

Expert Legal Document Translation Services on Demand

Alltime Translate is a reliable legal translation company with a global presence. We offer document translation services for the legal community, business establishments, and individuals based on their specific needs.

Our native legal translators are proficient in translating different legal documents related to various branches of Law.

We translate an entire array of documents, including:

✓ Passports

✓ Adoption papers

✓ Birth certificates

✓ Marriage certificates

✓ Prenuptial agreements

✓ Divorce decrees

✓ Wills

✓ Insurance policies

✓ Claim documents

✓ Medical records

✓ Legal name change documentation

A hand signing a contract document.

We also accept translation requests for affidavits, depositions, litigation, court transcripts, government reports, official documents, software licenses, patents, intellectual property content, articles of incorporation and association, and company bylaws.

Our legal contract translation services cover the translation of contracts, agreements, user agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, and other documents.

If you cannot find your document in this list, please call us with your exact requirements, and we will service your request at the earliest. You can easily find us by googling for legal documents translation services near me or legal translation services near me.

Why Request for Certified Legal Document Translation?

Legal documents often contain personal, confidential, and sensitive information. Getting legal documents translated to another language requires the services of expert and authentic legal translators. Only qualified language specialists experienced in translating legal documents can clearly understand the content and suitably render it in a different language.

Our legal translators ensure that the entire document is translated without missing out or misinterpreting any detail. However, you will need to request certification to assure concerned authorities about the genuineness of the translated copy.

A certificate of translation (COT) signed and stamped by our accredited translator indicates that the translation is accurate, complete, matches the original document, and impartial.

Team up with us for USCIS approved legal translation services. With USCIS approval guaranteed certification, immigration acceptance is assured.

Contact us today for fairly priced ISO-certified legal translation services. We accept rush and super rush translation requests to cater to time-sensitive demands. Please drop us a mail or speak to our support agents on live chat to place your order. Our online support team is always available to answer your queries.


1. Do you translate audio/video recordings?

Yes. We can transcribe audiovisual content to render a text version of the recording in the language of your choice.

2. What if I require an ATA-certified translator to work on my project?

We can assign an ATA-certified legal translator to work on your project. Kindly mention this requirement when you place your translation request.

3. Do you offer Spanish legal translation services?

Yes. We offer legal translation services in all major European languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and many other rare languages.

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