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We provide legally sound and carefully crafted contract translation services at a low cost. Our linguists are industry experts offering exemplary translations for all entities.

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Unmatched, Accurate, On-Time Contract Translations

When you need legal contract translation for business expansion or for entering into new ventures, trust the expertise of Alltime Translate. We can translate your documents with unmatched proficiency so you can succeed globally. Our team possesses unmatched skills in translating legal contracts from various industries. Thus, our services are 99% accurate.

Our network of linguistic experts handles translations in any language. Our customers include Government agencies, financial firms, etc.

As a translation agency, we believe in providing you with uniquely crafted services. Since legal contracts are formal agreements between two parties, we take all the measures to translate each term. We aim to preserve the integrity of all your documents by translating each word carefully.

A woman translating a contract accurately to deliver it on time

Most importantly, we assure on-time delivery of translations, so you can take advantage of an opportunity to succeed.

Secure, Professional Contract Translations You Can Trust

We understand that legal contracts contain sensitive information. Hence, we take all the measures to keep them confidential and secure. Our ATA certified translators follow the best industry practices to handle sensitive information. Additionally, we protect your files with end-to-end encryption and NDAs.

Thus, you can trust us with all your sensitive contracts and agreements. You can contact our team now to discuss your project.

Professional translators providing secure translation services trusted by customers

We combine language expertise, the latest localization practices, and industrial knowledge to achieve high-quality translation results. Thus, you can trust us in all aspects when you choose us as your translation company. Whether protecting your information or getting quality translations, we assure you we meet all your expectations.

We collaborate with skilled and linguistic experts to provide translations in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and all other languages.

Types of Contracts We Translate for Our Global Customers

Alltime Translate boasts an extensive network of subject-matter experts and linguists for providing translations in all languages. Our translation services extend across all sectors, dealing with documents like commercial agreements, confidentiality agreements, Shareholders’ agreements, real estate agreements, leases, rental contracts, etc.

We can handle contracts of all complexities with enthusiasm. Our translators have a strong hold on their native-language and are aware of the culture too.

A Contract translation team discussing what types of contracts they translate

Our team members come from different linguistic backgrounds. Hence, we can translate into all languages spoken worldwide. This makes our service accessible to customers globally. Despite your geographic location, you can place an order with us right away!

You can also approach our qualified team for translating immigration papers. The USCIS and other agencies accept all our translations. We can swiftly translate local and international contracts like,

➣ Technology licenses

➣ International employment contracts

➣ Sales contracts

➣ Distribution agreements

➣ Terms and conditions

➣ Supplier agreements

Why Contract Translation is Important in the Business World?

When dealing with an international client, employees, or stakeholders, it is crucial to translate contracts for effective communication. Translating contracts allows you to communicate in a language the other party understands. Besides, it is essential to follow international standards while signing agreements.

When you hire us, you get exact translations of certified documents 100% accepted by international organizations.

A translator telling a customer the importance of contract translation

To get accurate and high-quality translation services, you can trust Alltime Translate. We assist customers in translating contracts across various industries so communication can occur smoothly despite language barriers. We have plenty of experience in the translation industry, with good reviews from thousands of customers worldwide.

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1. How do you ensure the quality of certified translations?

Alltime Translate is a name synonym with quality and accuracy. We translate every project according to the ISO standards and best industry practices. Besides, we hire only certified translators to ensure that each translation is of high quality and meets an accuracy rate of 99%. Thus, you can trust us for quality translations for all your needs.

2. How much is the cost per translation?

The primary motto at Alltime Translate is to provide excellent services. We value customer satisfaction over monetary gains. Hence, our translation charges are the most reasonable in the industry. Every project is different regarding the subject, industry, complexity, length, etc. Thus, the exact cost of translation can be determined only after knowing the project details. You can contact us 24/7.

3. How much time does it take for you to translate a contract?

At Alltime Translate, we strive to provide translation services in a short turnaround time. Our translation team consists of native speakers and subject experts who can translate efficiently at a quick speed. But every contract is different; hence, the time taken for translation also varies. You can reach out to our team to know the exact time for translating your agreement. After learning the contract details, they can estimate the time for translation.

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