Accurate and Top Quality Patent Translation Services

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Translate your patents with the help of experienced linguists in any language. We assure 99% accuracy at affordable prices within the stipulated time.
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Accurate and Top Quality Patent Translation Services

Are you looking for accurate patent translation services to protect your intellectual property in foreign countries?

Look no further than Alltime Translate to translate your patents and trademarks into the native language of the foreign country where it needs to be filed or registered.

We translate all patents, from medical to semiconductor patents, and many more.

Trust us for flawless translations of your patents.

We serve law firms, tech firms, biotech firms, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, etc., with accurate, certified translations of patents and IP (Intellectual property) documents. When the filing deadline is tight, we serve you with quick translations.

Our patent translation services come with guaranteed accuracy, rapid delivery, and round-the-clock customer support.

We help small business owners and multinational companies attain global success by providing quality translated patents for their target markets.

Patents in Multiple Languages for International Success

With physical boundaries blurring away, global companies need top-notch translation services to translate their patents and trademarks in the foreign markets where they conduct or aspire to conduct business. Our team is well-versed in all languages. We translate patent documents in all the major as well as rare languages at competitive prices.

Whether you need to file your patent in China, Japan, Russia, or Middle East countries, we can translate them into the language required by the foreign nation. We believe that only native speakers have the linguistic fluency for correct translations.

Some of the languages we translate into are:

arrow Chinese
arrow Russian
arrow Italian
arrow Vietnamese
arrow Portuguese
arrow Japanese
arrow Arabic
arrow German
arrow French
arrow Spanish, etc.
A professional translator translating a patent from English to Spanish
Professional translators working on translating patents quickly for a client

Our Patent Translation Services - Quick and Efficient

You spend ample time and resources on your inventions. We understand the value of your investment, so we translate the patent in the correct format with 99% accuracy to ensure that the respective authorities accept your patent application without any hiccups. We translate patent drawings and letter them again if needed.

Contact us for multilingual patent translations.

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We know that accuracy in patent translations requires more than linguistic fluency. A thorough knowledge of the subject matter, local patent laws, and the legal process of filing patents are essential. We hire experts with language and industry expertise.

For example, a biochemistry patent translation is handled by a professional with expertise. Our patent translators are certified and have immense experience in translating patents.

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Safe and Secure Translations of Different Patents

We know the importance of IP protection. We assure 100% confidentiality of your documents. We sign an NDA to keep your information secure. We also encrypt the files before transmitting them to ensure complete safety. Our team can handle patent translations to match different requirements.

We translate all documents, including invention description, patent literature, and invention summary. Our expert translations ensure the correct understanding of the patent.

Some patents are translated to attain information. The original patent's style, sequence, and content must be precisely translated. Other patents are translated for filing in a foreign nation. The translator must know the regulations, laws, and practices governing patent registration in a foreign country. Our team understands the statutes between the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), EPO (European Patent Office), and Japanese Patent Office (JPO).

Quality is assured!

A professional translator signing an NDA before providing patent translation.
A professional translator with legal knowledge translating a patent document

Intellectual Property Translations of Various Kinds

Sometimes, patent attorneys may only need a partial translation of the patent. They may be looking for specific information related to the prior art. They may only want to know if the patent is relevant for a complete translation. Only the claim may require translation. Our experts have the knowledge and experience of selective translation with legal accuracy.

We serve attorneys and law firms seeking high-quality translations.

We also provide gisting translations for clients who need specific information in the patent but lack the time for translating all the specifications mentioned. You can give us the list of questions for which you need the answers.

We will translate the corresponding abstract at a fraction of the total translation cost. Whether you need to translate a particular paragraph or a claim, we quickly respond to your needs.

Our Affordable Price Structure
Our prices are the most reasonable and accuracy remains our top priority.
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For professional use
$25 /page
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Gaining Protection for Your Intellectual Property Worldwide

Alltime Translate can help protect your invention in multiple countries by translating your PCT filing documents into the language you need. PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) enables individuals and organizations to file a single international patent to protect their innovations simultaneously in many countries rather than file in different regions and countries. We translate your patent application into the language accepted by the receiving officer.

We have a team of experts across all languages. We can translate your claim set, patent application, summary, etc., into any language.

Alltime Translate offers translation services from other languages to English with complete efficiency. Efficient and accurate translations ensure the uninterrupted filing of your patents.

We can translate the following:

arrow Prior art documents
arrow Utility patents
arrow Plant patents
arrow Design patents
arrow Office Actions
arrow Provisional Patents
arrow Trademark documents
A professional translator translating patent documents for a client
A professional translator translating a patent

Expert Patent Translation Services from the Pioneers

We serve organizations of all sizes, leading law firms, and small inventors with high-quality translation services to ensure they are ready to file their patents uninterruptedly. We offer translations matching your unique needs.

Whether you need to translate patents for prior art search or documents for patent litigation, our experts can do it for you. Our translators are court-certified, making them available in litigation cases if required.

Contact us for all types of patent translation services.

Frequently Asked Question?
How much does a patent translation cost?
Translation rates at Alltime Translate are budget friendly. However, the final charges depend on the patent's length, language, and complexity. You can upload your document and receive an instant quote.
How long does it take for a patent document to be translated?
We at Alltime Translate provide accurate patent document translation services in a quick turnaround time. Out translators are experienced, so can translate patents within the specified time.
Is your website secure for the files to be uploaded?
Yes, our website is secure for uploading files. We encrypt the files before they are transmitted to ensure the complete security of your files. We also sign an NDA before starting your project.
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