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Refund Policy

1. We have a money-back or refund policy, the clock starts ticking once you receive the final product up to fifteen days after which it lapses.
2. Where a client sends back after the lapse of the 15-days window citing unsatisfactory quality, you pay 30% for content double-checking and 50% for re-review. (The 30% and 50% is assessed based on the file length or pagination)
3. You can only be eligible for the money-back if your files were earmarked as species A/Excellent or B/Good quality audio feed.
4. We undertake further double-checking with proofreaders for onward transmission of your refund request application.
5. The request application only succeeds where the end product of the extra round of proofreading is below the quality threshold. Kindly send your transcript with the revised document.
6. Refund policy excludes Difficult category audio/manuscripts and files processed under Rush ordering.
7. We do not underwrite High accuracy guarantee for files under the Rush Ordering and Difficult audio feed categories. Also a further rehearse is not given.

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